Best Way to Package Party Favor Cookies?

Hi all,

I'm making cookie favors for my babysitter's wedding shower and trying to sort out the best way to package them. I owe her my sanity and want these to be really special. Each guest will get two 3" diameter cookies. Normally I heat-seal my cookies in 2 mil poly bags, but they don't lend well to adding a bow (the plastic is too thick I think). 

So, first I put each cookie is its own bag? Or layer them together in one bag?

And then, do any of you heat seal and then add ribbon with success?  If so, what kind of bags are you using? I thought about doing a paper fold over tag as an option too.

I'd love any thoughts (or photos) you have to help me sort out the best way to do this!


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How about really pretty boxes instead that allow you to fit both cookies side by side? I think that would look more elegant, and seem more gift-like, than putting them in cello bags. BRP Box Shop, one of our site sponsors, has some nice boxes with windows that really show off the cookies inside.

I agree with Julia - the windowed boxes make for a great presentation. If you can’t afford to go that route, you can definitely heat seal poly bags and still add a bow. I use these 1.2 mil bags. Just make sure the bag is several inches taller than the cookies so you have enough extra plastic to gather at the top. I would put each cookie in its own bag so there’s no risk of them rubbing or scratching each other.

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