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REALLY incredible news, everyone! The poster pretty much says it all, but for more of the exciting details, please read my related blog post here.

For more competition and registration info, please also visit my competition page on the Show Me Sweets site. (Lastly, please note that my competition includes BOTH 2-D and 3-D categories, both with great prizes, but this opportunity only relates to the 3-D category.)

I can't wait for you to meet me in St. Louis, as the saying goes!

3-D Cookie Art Casting Call-2

BTW, if you see the following poster online, it's legit too. It's simply the production company's version of the same casting call.

NOW CASTING Cookie Art Competition 2019-1 REV


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  • 3-D Cookie Art Competition - Casting Call!: Graphic Courtesy of Show Me Sweets and Julia M Usher
  • 3-D Cookie Art Competition - Another Casting Call Poster!: Graphic Courtesy of Julia's Production Company
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Fantastic Biscuits posted:

Congrats! I am living in Belgium, do you think it will be possible to watch this program? Thanks 

I think this network airs its programs there, though I'm not sure. We'll know more when the show is about to air, which is at least 8 to 9 months from now. We don't film the bulk of it until July; then post-production can take a few months. Then the network needs to slate it around other content that might be more seasonal.

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