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***** UPDATE AS OF 12/6/2019, 9:00 pm CT *****

All of the issues below have been resolved, so there are no actions for you to take unless you encounter other bugs on the site. If so, please post them below. Thanks for your patience as I worked through all of this.


Hi, all! As you may or may not know, the site underwent routine maintenance yesterday (12/5/2019), and the support team also installed some new functionality (that I will not be rolling out, but that's another story . . .). In the process of all of this, some errors were introduced to clip uploading and storing, AND I NEED YOUR HELP WHILE THE ERRORS ARE GETTING FIXED.

THE FIRST ISSUE IS: When you upload a clip now, your clip sets - even though selected - are not getting saved and are thus not revealing at the top of your posts as they should and always have. I have reported the issue, and hopefully the support team will jump on it soon, as photos are currently not getting catalogued at all.

THE SECOND ISSUE IS: It appears that some clips are not appearing in clip sets they were once in. This issue most immediately impacts our current Practice Bakes Perfect #37 Challenge. Some photos that had been put in that clip set (and still show that clip set at the top of the photo) are not appearing in the clip set when you follow this link, as they should: https://cookieconnection.julia...rfect?fileType=IMAGE.


(1) There is a workaround to the first issue. Once the clip has posted, you can go back in and edit it and re-select the clip sets, and they will save on the second time around. I did this with all of the photos posted today, but it's taking me an inordinate amount of time. SO, PLEASE, IF YOU POST A CLIP, DO ME THE FAVOR OF EDITING YOUR PHOTO, RE-ADDING YOUR CLIP SETS, AND RE-SAVING THE PHOTO TO THE SITE. This short added step will save me a ton of time in having to do it for all of your posts (and will free me up to actually work with the tech team to correct the issue faster). It will also ensure that your photos get catalogued and can be searched in the meantime.

(2) If you entered Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37, PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK: https://cookieconnection.julia...rfect?fileType=IMAGE. If your photo does not appear there, please comment under this post and send me a link to your photo so we can include it in the challenge evaluation. This issue has been reported too, but I want to be extra sure we don't miss anyone in this challenge.

(3) If you see any other posting issues, please report them to me in a comment under this post. 

THANK YOU, and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience these issues have created for all! I will let you know as soon as they are fixed. Fingers crossed!

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Original Post
Heather Bruce Sosa posted:

Thank you Julia and all your tech-team for your hard work, not only now but throughout the year! ❀️❀️

You are welcome! does a lot of great behind-the-scenes work on this site, so I trust the issues will be corrected by their team very soon! 

Bakerloo Station posted:

NEVER a dull moment. I will be monitoring the situation with respect to the challenge entries. People can also DM me any concerns they have with respect to their challenge entires.

Thanks! Also, I have discovered the following with respect to the challenge entries . . . Four are currently missing if you follow the home page challenge link, and that's because (verbatim from site guys): 

"The bug is just that featured clips aren't being included in the All Clips list. So, you currently won't see any featured clips in this list: https://cookieconnection.julia...actice-bakes-perfect
You can just switch to the Featured Clips tab to see those that are excluded from All Clips: https://cookieconnection.julia...erfect?featured=true"

So, FOR NOW, we can see ALL of the challenge entries if we count what's in both lists: All and Featured. This should resolve the need for people to report missing clips, and, now that we know what the issue is, it can get fixed.

Icingsugarkeks posted:

This error message is displayed to me when I go to "Alerts":

The page you requested is not available. For further assistance, please post to our support community. Reference ID: 603959215009030554[-643876680][1608765659]29.1.b99.ba0d7d5-hp01.ps004


Okay, I cannot replicate this issue but I have reported it too. My site guys will likely want to see the URL in question, so if you could try to access "Alerts" again and then copy that link from your browser into this comment, that would speed up troubleshooting. Thanks!

Icingsugarkeks posted:

This error message is displayed to me when I go to "Alerts":

The page you requested is not available. For further assistance, please post to our support community. Reference ID: 603959215009030554[-643876680][1608765659]29.1.b99.ba0d7d5-hp01.ps004


@Icingsugarkeks Okay, my site guys say this bug has been fixed, but it won't be rolled out until later today. So best to check back tomorrow and re-test it. If it remains an issue, please let me know here. I cannot re-test it as I never saw the issue. Thanks so much!

Icingsugarkeks posted:

Hi Julia, the uploading seems to work for me. When I clicked on "edit clip", the ticks in the individual sets were still displayed. I did not need to re-select her.

1000 x Thanks !!!  @Julia M. Usher

Thanks - they just alerted me that this issue was fixed. Also, all clips should now be showing when you click on any "All Clips" or trending clips links. There is just one more known issue that I am waiting to hear back from them about. I'll mark this post as "resolved" once I hear back and am out of the kitchen later tonight.

Icingsugarkeks posted:

Thank you so much Julia for the extra work...!!test dez 2019 I hope I got it right, but I think everything is now displayed correctly with me. I did screen shots. Maybe that's easier?

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to look for in these photos, but, yes, your photo posted properly as far as I can tell. All seems to be fixed.

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