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I’m just full of The Bake Fest surprises this week, aren’t I?! If you didn’t end up one of the lucky winners* in my ticket giveaway that concluded yesterday, no worries because I’ve got another sweet deal for you!

From today (May 6) through May 7, if you purchase a ticket with my code JULIAMUSHER15, you’ll not only get $25 off your ticket but also an additional 15% discount. That means that your ticket will only be about $106 instead of the usual $150! (And, remember, that $106 includes admission to over 20 classes over two days, the chance to win loads of prizes, and yearlong access to the event’s video recordings!)

🔗 So, what are you waiting for? Get more event info and your ticket here: (Again, don’t forget to use code JULIAMUSHER15 at checkout!)

⭐️ Not familiar with THE BAKE FEST? In a nutshell, it:
  • is the world’s largest online baking/decorating event;
  • spans two days on May 18 and 19;
  • features 20+ world-class instructors covering a diverse array of baking and decorating topics (I’m teaching the 3-D cookie topiary shown here!); and
  • will catapult your skills and business to the next level!

I assure you, The Bake Fest is an event you won’t want to miss, so I hope to see you there!

*P.S. All 10 winners of my recent giveaway were notified by email as of 9 am CT today (May 6), so check your regular and junk email boxes for an email from me. The winners' names appear on the widget in my original giveaway post, so you can also check there to see if you were one of the winners.

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