Comfortable Seating for Decorating Cookies

Hi! I've been decorating cookies for a couple of years and have yet to find the best position to avoid back and neck pain whilst decorating.

I've tried different sized barstools, chairs etc. to no avail.

Any advice or tips would be much appreciated!

Thank you!


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Have you ever tried standing?

That's at least what works best for me. I tried sitting several times, in different positions, on different chairs, at different tables - and my back and neck just hurt. Not so when I work standing at my kitchen counter.

Thanks for the replies!

I have tried standing but my counters are waist hight so I found myself bending down even more!!

maybe it could just be a posture thing but I'm interested in finding out how people position themselves for a few hours of decorating! Dining table, craft table, island etc!

Hi, great question. BTW, I moved it from the "Blogs, Tutorials" category you selected since this topic isn't about either of those resources. Be sure to select a related topic next time.

As for your question, I sit at a low craft table with a normal desk chair, which doesn't require that much leaning over. I also decorate a lot of 3-D cookies, so to pipe or decorate their sides, I often elevate the product for better visibility, which also contributes to less leaning.

Cookies posted:

Hi, Julia thank you so much for the tip - you always look so comfy on all your videos!

apologies for the posting category and thanks for moving it. I shall double check the posting topic next time!

My seating for my videos is actually very uncomfortable, as I can't get my legs under the counter. I do all of my actual decorating in my downstairs test kitchen. It's really important, I think, to be able to get your legs under your decorating table, so you can get as close as possible to the cookies and be looking at them from overhead.

I think I'll also experiment with trying to adjust my seat with a few of the tables I can work on - I usually find neck strain to be really uncomfortable at which point i start to rush my cookies and eventually stop the project. 

I think that my seat may be a little too high / table low perhaps..

I sit at an island counter top in our kitchen. It's just the right height with our bar stools and there's lots of space to spread out . I totally understand about the impact of discomfort during the decorating process. There are probably many of us who deal with our own physical limitations so we do the best we can to minimize discomfort. I agree with @Econlady about posture.  I have to keep my foot elevated at all times so the countertop is just the perfect height for putting my foot up. Lol.

Additionally, my hubby sets up a 6' table so that I can keep many of my tools and supplies nearby which prevents getting up and down a lot . Perfect!

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