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I didn't see a topic on this.. What does one do to keep the thickness of the cookies consistent? Right now I have eyeballed it, and it has worked for the most part. But I did read the topic about what you use to roll out the cookies, and many use a silicone mat or a marble slab. 

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I feel I get very even rolls without any additional equipment, just by regularly rotating the dough and rolling in various directions. But some people use dough guides; there is also a relatively new "system" that includes such guides and a big silicone rolling mat, which you can find advertised to the right on all of our Clips pages (here's the direct link: In commercial operations, sheeters, of course, are widely used to roll dough of all types to uniform thicknesses.

I used to put a wooden chop stick on the sides of my dough and roll over those. Now I use a Joseph & Joseph rolling pin with the guides. There's a carpenter that makes/sells dough boards but they are about $100. I've seen some people make their own. Just make sure that if you buy something, that it has the thickness that you want.

Hi- I use pastry rings for consistent dough. They work great - I buy them at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can get them on line as well. I put them on my giant fondant roller since this is what I use for cookie dough as well. 

Hello I use an adjustable plastic rolling pin, 0-8mm. "Tescoma" Delicia. You just turn the handle of the rolling pin until one of the digits is in the vertical position. It's so simple and perfect every time.

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