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Originally Posted by sabrina:

Hi everyone! I'm wondering what you guys use to cover the styrofoam base of your cookie bouquets. I've used silk paper, gum balls but I need new ideas. Got any?

How about colorful tissue paper?


I have covered them with Al kitchen food foil.  Then with fondant, or royalicing.  I don't use papers because some of them are tinted with very toxic paints. If I cover a cardboard or a stand with a kind of paper or cardpaper, I don't put cakes directly over them.  Only safe food material.


Originally Posted by Cheerful Momma's Custom Art Cookies:

I wrap the foam in coloured tissue paper, then cover with basket shred. You can read my blog post about my method of constructing cookie bouquets.

Thanks for the blog tutorial on making cookie bouquets.

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