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Woo hoo! As I write, our special CookieCon 2015 Correspondents Team is on its way to CookieCon, where they'll be bringing you daily updates, nearly real-time from the event!


If you can't be there, join them on their journey by following our "CookieCon Coverage" clip set and our "Event News and Recaps" blog category for blog posts. 


CookieCon or Bust


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  • CookieCon or Bust: Sources: CookieCon graphic (CookieCon); plane (free clip art); graphic design (Julia M. Usher)
Original Post

although I could not attend I am interested in their experiences and op-ed/s  lol

It would be nice to know wha

6t they learned etc      anticipating their good posts and pics    tra-la-la-la   wishing all attendees a very delightful time

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