CookieCon 2019 Has Just Been Announced!

Wow, CookieCon 2018 has barely started, and CookieCon 2019 has already been announced! As luck would have it, CookieCon is moving to an annual schedule of every spring, starting in March 2019. Mark your calendars now for the world's largest cookie-only convention!


For more information about pricing, registration, and so on, please visit the CookieCon site, here.


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Terry H. posted:

So, who is Cookie Con for? I've never been. The limited tickets makes it seem like it's more for the heavy-hitters of the industry. 

It's for cookie decorators of all skill levels and backgrounds. I imagine the organizers have kept the numbers limited (about 600) because they want to be sure they can deliver a high quality experience for all, though they may have other reasons I do not know. But . . . who goes has nothing to do with elitism, because tickets are procured on a first come-first serve basis. You just have to be quick about registering to get in.

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