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I'm brand new to cookie decorating, and I really want to make it into a full-time hobby. I made some practice cookies today for a customer, however I find that my outline makes these craters as they dry. I use 20-30 second icing, and I find the consistency to be fine while piping, but could it be that? Also, I don't know if this matters, but I'm living in Houston where its really, really humid. If that has something to do with the drying process? Does anyone else have this problem? 


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  • Craters in Outline
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It's because the icing you're using is too loose (and thickly/widely piped), so it collapses in on itself before the underlying icing has fully set. Try thickening your icing or piping a thinner line. There is much more on the topic of cratering throughout our forums: https://cookieconnection.julia...agination.sort=SCORE

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