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In response to your overwhelmingly positive reaction to Kari Arroyo's last Dear Yankee Girl post, where she showed how she cookie'd an image submitted by a member, Kari will be doing more of these types of posts in her column going forward. While there were requests to turn this idea into a new and separate feature, I've decided that our site resources would be better applied to trialing this idea within an existing column. If we're suddenly overcome by more ideas than Kari can cookie, then I'll revisit the possibility of making it a separate feature.


That said, I welcome you to submit your "How Would You Cookie This?" ideas directly to Kari at - or any other questions you might have for her, for that matter. (Hint, hint . . . She needs an idea for her next column!)


But before you submit, please be sure your idea conforms to the following guidelines:

  • If it is a holiday-specific idea, please submit it at least 6 weeks in advance of the holiday, so Kari has time to cookie it well beforehand. This lead time will also allow us to post the idea in time for members to try it before the holiday.
  • Please submit your own (original) artwork/photo for Kari to cookie, for reasons noted in point 3, below. By submitting your artwork, you give Cookie Connection the right to post it on this site and in our social media channels. You also acknowledge that its use will be subject to all of the site's usual Terms of Use, and consent to others possibly replicating your work after seeing it here.
  • If you submit another person's original artwork/photo, you need to provide Kari with that person's written consent to have his/her work posted on this site for this purpose and/or provide Kari with the source's contact information so that she obtain/verify the necessary permissions. Please note that we cannot post artwork/photos of unknown origin without permissions because of copyright considerations.

Many thanks! I hope everyone takes advantage of Kari's willingness to take on this challenge. I can't wait to see what she cookies!


Again, please submit ideas directly to Kari at

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