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Hi everyone! After reading the post, found here... http://cookieconnection.juliau...7#382133920920726737

and seeing the wonderful tutorial, I thought this would be a great feature to add to Cookie Connection. My thoughts are, Cookie Connection members could send in cookie design ideas, have Julia choose her favorite design and have an appointed cookie artist, such as Kari of Dear Yankee Girl, for example, apply the chosen design to a cookie, along with a tutorial. Any ideas of how to improve on this feature, please share your thoughts.


[EDITOR'S NOTE]: Please let us know your interest in such an idea by voting in the poll below and leaving a comment here.


Thanks everyone!   

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Originally Posted by Sherrie:

I would love to see a topic dedicated to all tutorials by any of the members!

Hi, Sherrie, we already have the feature that I believe you are describing. If you click on the "Tips, Techniques, and Templates" clip set, what will come up are all of the clips on this site that have an associated link to a tutorial (as provided by that member). Check it out here:

Thanks for the feedback on the question posed by Dorana. And thanks for the idea, Dorana! 


While a large percent of those answering would like to see this idea as a separate feature, only 10 people responded to the question. That said, I've decided that our site resources would be better applied to trialing this idea within an existing column, which will be Kari's Dear Yankee Girl. If we're suddenly overcome by more ideas than Kari can cookie, then I'll revisit the possibility of making it a separate feature.


For more information about how to submit ideas to Kari, please read this post.


I hope everyone takes advantage of Kari's willingness to take on this challenge! It should be fun!

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