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Hi, again!

As you probably know, we have an ongoing series of cookie challenges, called Practice Bake Perfect, that are aimed at helping people hone their cookie decorating skills. Right now, we're running one related to piping classic-style roses, which I hope you will consider entering! You can check out all the deets here.

Each challenge has its own set of rules in order for entries to qualify. So it's important to read those rules before you enter images into the challenge's Practice Bakes Perfect clip set. Reading the rules will not only ensure that your image qualifies for the prize that we randomly give away each time, but it will also minimize the work that Christine (our challenge host) and I do with each challenge to check that entries comply. This work can amount to many hours over the course of one challenge.

Based on the relatively large number of mis-postings to the challenge clip set that I've seen in recent months, I suspect that many of you don't know where to find these rules, and so here's the scoop . . .

The rules can always be found in a button to the right side of every page in the Clips section if you are viewing the site on a standard laptop. (This area does not display on mobile devices.) The button will always look something like this:


They can also be found, on any device, under the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge section of the blog, under the post about the most recent challenge. To get to the challenge area of the blog, just click on "Blog" in the main navigation line (or in the navigation area on your mobile device, which looks like a small stack of lines); then go to "Collections" (which are blog categories); and then, lastly, click on "Practice Bakes Perfect Challenges". (Here's that direct link.) All of the challenge-related posts ever made to the site will come up; typically, the most recent one will be the one with the rules for the current challenge. 

If anyone ever has any questions about where to locate challenge information, please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks!

And, again, please check out our current rose challenge if you haven't already!


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  • Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge Button: Photo by Steve Adams; Cookie and graphic design by Julia M Usher
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