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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenges

Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #50: 50 Challenges Milestone

Hello and welcome to a very special Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #50! In recognition of this extraordinary milestone, I thought it only fitting that we mark the occasion by giving you an opportunity to participate in not one – but 50 different challenges! This means you have...

New Year's Re-evaluation: Your Help Is Needed!

Hi, everyone! I posted the following comments as a footnote to the recently released Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #49 recap. They're pretty important, so I wanted to be sure everyone sees them and takes a moment to respond. The future of Cookie Connection and our challenges depends on your input...

Saturday Spotlight: Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #48 Recap

With many cookiers owning dozens – even hundreds – of cookie cutters, losing track of the identity of one or two is bound to happen. And, trying to decipher those "mystery" cutters can be a challenge all on its own. Fortunately, our Practice Bakes Perfect challenge entrants have shown...

Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #47: Customer Order (Wedding Favor)

Welcome to Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #47! There are many people who have a cookie business - or would like to have a cookie business - so, in the spirit of cookie entrepreneurship, this next challenge is all about creating the perfect customer order! The "event" will be...