Oh yes, the feared craters *lol*


Best way to prevent them is speed up the surface drying time. Try either a dehydrator, a fan, or my method: convection oven on lowest temperature. I hardly have problems with dimples anymore.


The warm air causes the surface to dry quick enough so that any craters are under it, where you cannot see them

But don't overdo it, too much temperature will cause butter-bleed!

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they are cute       

at first i thought that i didn't see dimples   that i only saw where you may not have distributed the icing leaving a somewhat distorted merge ?  not sure how to word it       then i opened again and saw on the bottom cookies    looks to me like a bumpy setting   cratered ?       then i wondered if you didn't fill it completely  evenly    distribute it     tap it   etc       then i can't tell if you are referring to pin pricks  ?      not sure if that is what i see       not from the picture anyway    


they are still cute cookies     

lately I have been having more luck with my icing when I do a few things.  before I start the icing I clean the bowl, blades and all utensils with vinegar.  Next, I stopped using a whisk, and now I use mixing blades.  After I make color and prepare the frosting I let it set for at least 5 minutes before using.  The bubbles rise to the top while it sits.  I have fewer bubbles and craters with a PME 1.5 tip.


Good luck.


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This is generally referred to as cratering. There is already another forum topic that discusses this issue extensively; please refer off to that: http://cookieconnection.juliau...0#329213425731568500 

At what temperature do you set the dehydrator? How long do you keep the cookies in there?

If you click on the link above and read my comments, you'll see I answer this question in my June 8, 2013 comment. It's all there! 

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