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Hi everyone, 

I recently signed a lease and will be opening a storefront this fall. I am looking for any suggestions or advice on equipment. I'm looking to purchase a convection oven. Any suggestions on brands? Things to look out for? Alternatives for cooking large batches of sugar cookies efficiently?
Or, if anyone has additional advice on opening a storefront in general, I would love to hear it!

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I don't bake cookies in a convection oven (or with the convection mode on). I've found that the forced air is great for crisping pastry and bread, but it only makes cakes and cookies more crunchy on the outside than I want them. Depending on what you're planning to produce, you may not need the added convection feature. 


I don't have particular brand suggestions, but depending on the size and type (gas/electric), you may also have to consider venting the oven to meet fire code guidelines. Venting/fire suppression systems can be costly, so be sure to keep this potential added cost in mind.

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