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I’m very new to the game, self taught, and LOVE learning new techniques. That being said, I find all of the stencil world very overwhelming. Does anyone have a favorite stencil holder? Any techniques I should avoid/know? 

Also, when it comes to stenciling is there a favorite airbrush dye you like?

I would be so grateful for any feedback! Thank you

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I prefer the original Stencil Genie as a holder, as it is simpler than another notable brand out there (fewer parts) and works just fine for me. As for airbrush brands, I use different ones for different things: Spectrum Flow White because it's alcohol-based and dries more quickly than other whites; AmeriMist (aka AmeriColor) for lots of other colors (they have the broadest color range); and Chefmaster for certain other colors (particularly their Harvest Brown).

There is more to airbrushing and stenciling than many people think. But I have many good videos about my stencil line, and I cover good airbrushing technique in nearly every one. You may want to check them out.

Happy stenciling and airbrushing!

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