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For Florida, you have to be completely licensed through the department of agriculture to sell cookies through the internet and mail. You cannot partake in the Cottage Food Act if you want to go that route, which increases the cost significantly for licensing, etc. They told me that if you're going to sell cookies to retail outlets (i.e. big-box stores, gourmet markets) you need to have a detailed listing of your ingredients as well as the scientific terms, weight, your information, etc. OH! Also, it is helpful to have labels that are water-resistant. Then, just have your label artwork created and forward to a printing company. 

Best of luck to you!

You list your ingredients...
Yes, the cottage food participants have to list their ingredients (but I don't think they need to list the scientific names for them). The Cottage Food Act for Florida requires specific information to be included on the label. I have attached the Florida Cottage Food Act definitions and requirements. Obviously, each state has different requirements. It's been a while since I participated in the CFA since I went commercial, but check out the attachment (it's dated back in 2011) Best of luck to you!
Originally Posted by Kathy Cooper/CoopCakes:

This is a topic I've often wondered about.... How do u kno what to put on the label? How to word it etc. Do the cottage food law people provide this info?? I would love to kno all this

Thank u from California.


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