How to Make Feathers?

Hi, friends. My cookie project for this coming week is swans and swan masks. I want to add some fun dimension to the cookies in the form of feathers, but being somewhat of a novice in cookie design, I don't know how best to achieve this. I would love any suggestions, links to tutorials, or helpful techniques. I am eager to learn. Thank you. 


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The tutorial from Sweetambs would have been my first choice, too. Using icing to make feathers is surely the easiest way.

But without knowing the cookies you plan to make and what tools you have available, it is hard to say what other options you could use.

- edible paper, maybe. Like those, they are awesome: Edible Paper Feathers

- or gumpaste? Gumpaste Feathers

- edible lace has a very delicate look. Lace Feathers

Please share a picture of what you come up with

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