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Hi all, I’m new to this website. I am interested in purchasing an Eddie printer to print directly on my cookies. Looking online, I can only find information from people who were gifted the printer. I was hoping to hear feedback (pros and cons) from people who have purchased the printer themselves. Thank you in advance!

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I am tagging @Manu biscotti decorati here, as she's been using the Eddie a lot lately. She may have been gifted it (I don't know), but I imagine she wouldn't be promoting it online if she couldn't stand behind the product. But I'll let her comment from here. She could provide a wealth of knowledge about how to use it, in any event.

Hi @Laura5, as mentioned by Julia @Julia M. Usher I use the Eddie. I received the Eddie in exchange for a series of videos while I use it, to be posted during 2024. I was fascinated by this tool when I first discovered it a couple of years ago and I already had a positive feedback from another Cookie Connection member, @Kim Nichols of Lee Lee's Sugar Cookies, a few months back. Kim has purchased it and maybe you would like to get in contact with her. I put Eddie my "dream wish list" just because I like to try any possible tool to express my creativity with cookies. But since I don't have a cookie business I could have never covered such investment, therefore it was supposed to stay a dream with many other expensive tools. Until a few months ago, when I was contacted for a collaboration with Primera. This was totally unexpected and out of the blue. Before accepting I did my research online, watched every unboxing and review on YouTube (Check out Borderlands Bakery's two reviews on her YouTube Channel), I read Eddie's User Manual (it's on their site) and all the possible online sources and I joined the FB group. I got the printer and the first important thing is that you don't need to be tech savvy to use it (I am not) and the User Manual it's enough. If you have a cookie business it is surely a game changer and it pays the investment. I don't have a business and I don't produce large quantities of cookies (I mostly only bake for my monthly Cookie Connection tutorials) but since I had this opportunity to use Eddie I am trying to do it in a creative way and also to print unusual shapes of cookies. So far I printed my own designs on my 3-D Love Seat and my 3-D Cookie Swing Which exceed the 4.5"x4.5" printing surface but  I used one of the many 3-D printed trays available for purchase. They are placed on the printer tongue and make life so easier. I also printed some place card cookies which I will use for my Easter table (I purchased the commercial license to use the font) which were not so creative, but still so simple, elegant and really fast to produce. I only manually feeded the printer. Can't imagine how fast will the carousel be which I will try next.

3-D Love Seat Printed on Eddie3-D Swing Cookie Printed on EddieEaster Eggs Printed on Eddie - Commercial Licence Purchased for use of the Font


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  • 3-D Love Seat Printed on Eddie
  • 3-D Swing Cookie Printed on Eddie
  • Easter Eggs Printed on Eddie - Commercial Licence Purchased for use of the Font

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