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Hi, all! As you may or may not know, I'm currently conducting a quick survey about flour use in rolled cookies in preparation for @Liesbet's next Toolbox Talk. If you haven't yet taken that survey, I would love it if you would!  You can do so here!

If you have taken the survey (and if you haven't, for that matter), you should know that I recently (just today) added an extra special BONUS QUESTION at the very end (Q15). On September 30, I'll be drawing one name from among the list who answer Q15 correctly, and that person will receive a grab bag of cookie goodies from me valued at about $100 USD. To answer this question, simply return to the survey here, click on the blue "Change Your Survey Response" link under the survey introduction, and scroll to the very end of the survey. There, you'll see Q15 awaiting your answer! Make your selection, and then re-save your survey results using the "Submit Survey Now" button at the bottom of the survey. Your other answers will remain as they were unless you decide to change them when you're answering Q15!

Thanks in advance for participating!


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Teresa Bishop posted:

Thanks for the survey. Makes me think more about ingredients n how to teach my Nanababy Aiden more about baking. I teach n don't do anything when Aiden is the baker. He made a canolli cheese cake all by himself for a Christmas present to my Dad. He was just 3 yrs old.

Wow! Impressive, even for kids far older than three!

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