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I have a question about using fondant embellishments on cookies.  Do you let the fondant decorations dry completely so  they are hard before attaching them?  Also,  are they intended to be eaten or do you expect that most people will remove them from the cookie?

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You can attacht dry or fresh.   Many people loves fondant on cookies, they can be so beautiful.  I prefer royalicing. Molding Chocolate is a better taste option if you want texturize or use molds.


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As Mily said, you can attach molded fondant pieces either way. When I don't want to mess up the shape of something by handling it and attaching it to the cookie, I'll wait for it to fully dry. BUT, if I need the piece to conform/fit to the cookie, I always apply the piece soft. I agree with Mily - I think modeling chocolate tastes better though. Also, different brands/types of fondant dry very differently. Those with a lot of tylose powder in them behave more like gumpaste and dry very fast to a rigid state (like, Satin Ice); others can be much softer (and are far better for wrapping cakes than Satin Ice) and almost never fully dry. Just something of which to be aware.

Just like the other comments say, it depends on what you want to do with the embellishment and also what shape it is. Flat/thin fondant easily breaks if you apply it to a surface not 100% even, or doesn't lie down smoothly. 3-D figurines will remain kind of soft for several days at the bottom, whereas they are dry on the surface. I would always apply tiny embellishments undried, and let larger ones set for a day or so.


About if people eat them - I'd give a definite no. From my picture cake times I can say that 95% of the fondant I used was either peeled off the cake and thrown away, or kept as a memory of the cake. I have heard rumors about people who actually like the taste of fondant, but I have never met one in person

Thank you for the replies. I just ordered some molds from the"oops sale"  I plan on  making some fondant cherubs and roses that will be sprayed gold. I am looking forward to having a little fun with fondant as an embellishment on my cookies!

I am also trying to experiment with molds and attaching to cookies. I tried royal icing in the molds no luck? I am not a fan of fondant EVER. I used the wilton melts and those look good, BUT Melt so FAST if touched? What else are people using? Has to be a simpler way?  I have purchased quite a few, and really love these molds BUT? Confused about what will look best and is actually edible? Oh yes and easier than many of the other options? Thank you

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This topic is fairly old, but I've figured that I will put my so called five cents in, since mainly the cookies that I do are fondant covered cookies.

I like using Fondx brand of fondant to cover the cookies, as it does have a pleasant vanilla/marshmallow taste. I roll it as thin as possible, definitely much, much thinner that for the cakes and attach it to the cookies with home made caramel. This method creates an additional layer of flavour and my customers love this combination! From my own experience even the die hard fondant critics were pleasantly surprised and brought over to the say yes to fondant side .

I do allow the base/background to dry a little before attaching to the cookies and in fact I decorate it while it is drying, as this way it is much easier and gives a cleaner finish. As for the embellishments - it depends on the look that I am going for. As Julia has mentioned earlier, if they are to be following the shape of the cookie, or are supposed to be blended into the background, or the decorations that are already on then I will put it on soft, as this way I have more ability to play with it. If they are just to be put on with no additional shaping, then dry is ok.

Once I have the entire pieces finished, I often leave them to dry overnight, I will leave them on the baking sheet and lightly cover with food wrap - this way they dry enough for me to pick them up and attach to the cookie without them loosing their shape, but not dry rock solid hard.

I also find that once the cookies are bagged, they never really dry rock solid hard, the fondant is just nicely chewy. Hope it helps!

Mmmmm, that sounds fantastic !! Homemade Caramel !!!
I am very tempted to try it! I was never a fondant friend, precisely because of the taste! So far I have always mixed it with marzipan in different proportions. Mostly a lot more marzipan than fondant. That's how it tastes. That's why I can very well imagine that the flavorful caramel brings the same effect. Many Thanks for sharing!! ❤️
Can I ask please for the exact recipe for the homemade caramel? @Sweet Avenue Cakery

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