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I didn't see anything about this in the forums. And not sure where to post it . . . What is suggested as far as making cookies in advance and freezing them (shelf life)? And what about pre-decorating them and freezing them? What kind of containers are recommended? I have been having trouble finding a rectangular size.

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I personally don't like to freeze either baked or decorated cookies for various reasons. I know people who do both, but I don't think cookies ever taste better than freshly baked (the freezer always stales things), and I find the added humidity of the freezer can sometimes cause icing colors to mottle or spot, despite the best of precautions. The only thing I freeze in advance is the raw dough (for up to two months), and then I "bake to order".

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I don't like to freeze, but one time I didn't have any choice.  I had too many cookies due to not bake ahead.  It worked out fine, but the people I was baking for wouldn't have known the difference.  I froze both decorated and undecorated cookies with no trouble, but I wouldn't make a habit of it.  When defrosting I put them on a rack and let them fully defrost before doing anything.

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