I got into a situation at Christmas where I needed to bake ahead and freeze.  I knew I had seen a blog post about it.  Bake at 350's blog post reassured me that, yes, it could be done.  I bagged the decorated and thoroughly dried cookies in their cello bags (ribbons and all), placed them in a freezer bag collectively, placed the freezer bag in a large Tupperware type container, and put in in my freezer for 3 weeks.  When it was time to travel, I took the cookies and placed the Tupperware-type container straight from the freezer onto my kitchen table for 24 hours, then I sneaked a peek and they looked okay.  Her blog post stressed not thawing in the refrigerator.  Condensation kills royal icing.  For my cookies, there was no bleeding, no condensation, no discoloration, nothing untoward!  I put the containers directly into my car and drove to where I was going and unpacked them there.  They were fine at the party the next day in their individual packets!  I have frozen smaller quantities since then and never has anything been problematic!  It does, however, take up a lot of space in the freezer.  They need to be flat and undisturbed, obviously.

How you de-freeze them?in room temperature or in the refregarator?
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I have frozen decorated cookies many times.  Often I get too busy with orders for others, that when it comes times for cookies for family things (home parties, kids' birthdays) I am short on time.  I let them dry completely and place into large plastic containers, and wrap the whole thing with plastic wrap.  They thaw quickly and taste great!

I freeze mine too once in a while!  Sometimes I make a few extra and keep them in there for my friends and family!  I bag and tie them first and wrap them in bubble wrap and then freeze.  Once they defrost they taste exactly the same as when I put them in there


(that being said though...I would never freeze cookies and give them to a customer.  Always fresh)

I actually did experiments 2 weeks. 1 month. 3 month 6.month and 1 year freezing time for cookies that are decorated.  I found it depends whats on your cookies.  I have found cookies flooded to get a mottled look to them if frozen longer then 1 month.  You have to really make sure that its an air tight contaier or other oders can affect your cookie.  I also found that once thawed especially in heat that the consistancy of the icing can change. (melt fastwer then normal.  If you luster dusts and some sprinkles, you can lose shape or shine.  I freeze all of my cookies now before I ice them anf pull out what I need.  So to wrap this up its a No to freezing fresh is better


As cookie decorating is a part time thing for me, and I squeeze in decorating wherever I can, I have to use the freezer.  I will put baked/cooled (after many hours) into a large Tupperware container and freeze them.  I also have luck with decorated cookies, as long as they are heat sealed in bags.  I would suggest leaving them on the counter untouched for 12+ hours after you remove the Tupperware containers from the freezer.  I only leave them in the freezer for a few weeks and everyone raves that they taste fresh. 

I just found this thread, so I apologize that I'm late to the dance.  I am a glaze icing gal. I just thawed 500+ decorated cookies for a non-profit luncheon. I held my breath as I checked them for blotching issues in the icing. Not one problem! I believe my success is due to two things. First, my thoroughly dry cookies were heat-sealed in Uline bags. Secondly, the cookies were kept (for two weeks) in a chest freezer at zero degrees, that was only opened twice during those two weeks. So those of us who are one-person shops can indeed do large orders!

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