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Hi, this is actually me in person; the other message was automated. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the site - there is certainly a lot to be learned from everyone who participates here!

Hi Kinga I'm Anne Marie Adams from Canada and I love introducing myself to the newcomers you'er definitely in the right place I'm just like you I'm here to learn I haven't even posted anything as of yet but I do love making comments on the postings  everyone is very pleasant and polite so  welcome and I'll have my eyes open for more postings from you have a good day

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Hi Kinga, I'm from Canada too. There are so many beautiful cookies that are posted on this site that are great for inspiration. The video tutorials, blogs and chats are also a great way to learn. Everyone here is very helpful, and if you have any questions you can just ask! 

Hello Kinga, so nice to meet you.  Julia's put together the best collection of cookie information right here on one website. You'll have fun and as Julia, Anne Marie and Sweet Prodigy, have said, don't be shy about asking questions. 

You might be interested in the Live Chat that took place this weekend with Sweet Prodigy.  @Julia M. Usher, I forgot how to get to the Live Chat from this post.  Would you please help bith Kinga and me to get there?You see?  Don't be shy about asking questions  ;-)


@pip Past chat transcripts can be found by going to Chat in the main navigation line and then looking under the Past Chat widget to the right of the page (be sure you are in standard laptop viewing mode to see the widget).

Hi Kinga, my name is Barbara and I joined shortly after you. I hope you are enjoying this site as much as I am. I have learned so much from all the kind members and am inspired to keep learning. I am from Canada  too

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