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I have airbrushed cookies using stencils onto glaze covered cookies. I let the cookies dry for 24 hours before I airbrushed them. After airbrushing I let them dry for a few more hours. When I bagged the cookies, several of the cookies stuck to the clear bag and pulled off some of the airbrush color. On the others that didn't stick to the bag, the designs started to blur a little bit, which I noticed the following day. Is this because of the glaze? Has anyone had success using a glaze icing with airbrushing? I did read the comments in another post on using pearl shimmer first.  If that is the way to go, could I use white airbrush color instead? On white glaze icing? Or, do I need to let my cookie icing dry longer? Please help. I have to make cookies next week and the person they are being sent to does not want RI. Thanks.    

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Originally Posted by Custom Cookies by Sally:

I had the opportunity to take some extra classes at Cookie Con this year and one of the biggest tips I received about airbrushing (From Shannon at Artfully Designed Creations) was to use a paintbrush and dust the cookie with cornstarch before packaging. Be careful just to dab it so you don't smudge it!

I only use glaze icing and haven't had a problem!


I use the wilton royalicing recipe (I use richie's or liz, americolor or wilton meringue powder )and I had no problems when airbrushing.  I let to dry my cookies.  Maybe to many paint.


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