I am new to cookie decorating but not new to baking cookies. Before moving to Illinois in 2018, my friend Sarah and I would bake dozens of cookies each Christmas. We did this together for 15 years. Now miles apart we still have our cookie day but not together. I love trying new things and recipes. Each year I make my 8 standard cookies and at least one new cookie; then I ship them to family and friends.

Looking forward to learning and trying new things.


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CKlovescookies posted:
  • I wrap all the cookies separately so they don't take on any of the other cookie flavors and no breakage when they arrive but will try heat sealing.  Usually I ship cookies the day after they are made and since family and friends don't receive them often they are gone pretty fast after arrival.

I’m sure they are well received.  I was just making the suggestion.  It’s a lot more work, but I think it keeps them fresher, and if they do break you don’t have crumbs everywhere.

@CKlovescookies, WELCOME! This is me for real this time; the previous message was an automated post to make you feel immediately welcome! 

So great to have you here. There are lots of places to learn on this site; here is a quick overview of some highlights coming up soon:

1) Next Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge (bimonthly cookie challenge) is posting around next Sunday (1/12) - great way to expand skills in a fun, stress-free environment!;

2) Next live chat on 1/11 at 10 am central - we're chatting with @Jackie at SugarBot, who has vast experience setting up brick-and-mortar shops (you can find her chat room under "Chats"); and

3) Of course, our "Clips" and "Forums" areas. Just ask a question under any photo you see posted about methods or materials used (and tag the content poster), and your questions are sure to be answered. Also, you can launch new forum threads with questions at any time, though be sure to search the forums first, as we already have tons of discussions on almost every topic logged there.

All for now! Have fun here, and let me/us know if you have questions at any time!

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