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I offered, as a wedding gift,  to send cookies to a nephew’s upcoming wedding in December. I am in the Middle East and the cookies are going all the way to America. I know from previous experience that the mail takes two weeks, but I want to have a margin of time in case I need to send replacements for broken cookies, etc.

I only make cookies as surprise gifts for family and friends, usually for Christmas, so this is the first time I have a deadline. I want to make the cookies as early as possible to not hurry the detail, but also to allow the cookies to still look ok for the wedding.

In addition to the transfers (flowers and so), I am planning to airbrush the background using stencils and gold color. Still, I am not sure whether to use glace or royal icing, because I don’t know which one will last longer. I made some tests with glace, but the gold color started to fade after just one week (perhaps, I did not wait enough for the cookies to dry; that could be a reason? I don’t know).

I need to make about 300 cookies. I do have an impulse sealer and cello bags. 

Can somebody with experience advise, please?

Thank you very much!

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Hi Perla,

You might consider freezing the cookies.  I only use royal icing, but I have frozen intricately decorated and painted cookies with great success.  I just package them in cello bags, lay them flat in a covered tray, and freeze.  To defrost, I lay them flat on a cooling rack for an hour or two.  I've done side-by-side taste comparisons between my fozen and unfrozen cookies, and my "testers" are unable to detect the difference.

I've never used glacé, but I have cookies decorated with royal icing that are three years old and still look just as they did when I made them.

Wish I had more advice to offer.  Hopefully someone with more applicable experience will chime in. 

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