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I am looking for some technique help on how to pipe the more modern script look l see quite often on cookies. I have many fonts that look like these samples and I can certainly print out to practice on paper. Should I draw with a scribe or marker on the cookie? Use a projector? What tip size should I use to get the thin and thick look of each letter? does anyone have a tutorial for this look (see links below)? 

Malisia Script

Still Shine Script


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Hi, Kathy - I'll let someone else answer your question, though I did want to point out that we don't allow people to directly post others' images on this site without permission and attribution (this is US copyright law). So you'll have to delete the above images. However, you can link off to them so that people can see the fonts you want to replicate. Thank you.

Kathy Andersen posted:

Hi Julia, I took out the photos and replaces with a collage of just the type style I would like to learn how to pipe. Hope someone can advise.

Sorry, but you can't use others' photos on the site in any way - even if you crop them. This is just US copyright law. Please delete them and link off to where you found them online. Thanks again.

I deleted your images, and added links to script fonts elsewhere online (that look a lot like what you posted). Again, you can always link off to other content, but you can't cut and paste any image from elsewhere into this site without stated permission of the copyright holder. Thank you.

Hi @Kathy Andersen!

Those fonts are very similar to those used by Mary Valentino @Emma’s Sweets (for some reasons I can’t tag her on Cookie Connection from my Iphone).

She posts video while she is piping lettering by using a projector all the time on her Instagram feed. She uses tipless bags and she says that “consistency is the key”. 

This is the link to her tutorial on her YouTube channel, where she shows the icing consistency.

This is a link to a video she posted on her Instagram where you can see better how she gives the thin and thick look to each letters (definetly it is all about icing consistency and a lot of practice and she has mastered this technique for sure!).

That said, there are copyrights on fonts and their terms and conditions change very often.

Infact at a certain point I paid the fee required to use my watermark font as terms and conditions had changed, and it wasn’t free anymore. I also got in contact to the author to make sure I could use her font to make cookies, as I often make cookies handcutting the letters that make up my name in that font. So my advice is to make sure to check the licensing requirements of the font you use. 

I hope this helped you

This is so interesting as I'm trying to speed up my lettering. I couldn't  find a tutorial when I started lettering earlier this year so I just pipe little lines or dots of flood consistency, then drag the letter out using a scribe tool. It is not an advisable method as each cookie takes ~10 minutes or so. If you can have nice big text on a big cookie that's obviously preferable; I keep getting customers who want tiny writing on a little itty-bitty cookie. Thanks for the link Manu, I have a new technique to work toward.

I also make sure to pay the commercial license fee to the creator of any font I use. 




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  • IMG_20180830_080100: ten min of lettering

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