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Hi, all - this is a very IMPORTANT message, as the most recent site changes, described below, are going to affect everyone's interactions with the site, both on laptops and mobile devices. Please read on, and let me know if you have any questions.


1. Tags Now Mandatory on Clips and Three Other Things. As noted in an earlier message, I decided to make tags mandatory for a number of reasons - which you can read about in that message. While I thought this change would go into effect on September 21, it has gone into effect today, September 12, 2014. Tags are now required on four things: any clips (photos, videos, or files) that you upload, and on any forum threads, calendar listings, or blog posts that you start. If you do not enter tags, your content will not post. 


When tagging clips, please follow these best practices:


A. Choose specific words or short phrases that describe the (1) subject matter in the photo; (2) the occasion displayed in the photo; AND (3) the techniques used, especially if the latter is not clear just by looking at the image. (Some people use the tags to help understand how the cookie was made.) 


B. Include your name or your business name. This way, if someone searches on your name, all of your photos will come up. 


C. Enter separate tags as separate words, NOT in one long string separated by commas. Do not put quotation marks around tags either. (The site cannot understand punctuation in the tags area.)


EXAMPLE: If I posted a Christmas set with Santas, snowflakes, and bells in it that were stenciled and piped with a needlepoint pattern, tags might include:


Christmas, winter, Santa, snowflake, bell, stenciled with royal icing (to distinguish from airbrushed stencils), intricately handpiped, needlepoint, Julia M Usher, Recipes for a Sweet Life (all words or phrases between commas entered as separate tags)


More tips on tagging and classifying photos into clip sets can be found here:


2. Tagging is Now Possible in the Mobile Interface. While you could always tag photos on mobile devices in the standard interface mode (not the mobile interface mode), you can now tag in either the mobile or standard interface mode. Again, the prompt to add tags should appear whenever you upload a clip or start a new forum thread, in either mode.


Thanks. Again, let me know if you have any questions.

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Originally Posted by Sweet Kaleo (LeeAnn Slauson):

I can't imagine the hours and hours you put into this site. Your efforts shine and are greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks, LeeAnn. I'm thankful the efforts are noticed! 

Originally Posted by Kathy Pilato:

I learn so much from this site. Thank you for all you do and your constant encouragement! 

Thanks, Kathy!

THanks Julia for all the amazing work you do! Such a great show of your hardwork and such a great way to sty connected to bakers we follow and our fellow friends sugar creations! Thanks once again for the wonderful tips on tagging! Off to figure out what to post next  

Originally Posted by heidijo:

Thanks! I think I always do something wrong when posting ….hopefully the one from today his right. If not, I'm sorry in advance!

No worries! I hadn't noticed anything wrong! 

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