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Hi, all! Last year in April at SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo, I was interviewed by the very fun and charming Juliet Galea of Caker's Chat. Her company was part of the official media team covering the event, and she elected to interview a number of cake decorators, vendors, competitors, and others attending the show. I was, however, the sole cookie decorator who was interviewed! (I hope I represented us well! )

At the start, she asks me a bit about how I got started in the sweets business and my stencil line (which I was selling at the show) - that's the part that most of you already know. At about 14:42, the interview takes a turn toward more cookie-specific and even personal topics, such as the different perspectives required for cake versus cookie decorating (I've done both professionally), my views on the increasingly competitive nature of cookie decorating fostered by social media comparisons, how I deal with the aforementioned competition and my often very controlling perfectionistic tendencies, and so on. Perhaps it will show you a side of me you didn't know?

Anyway, here it is on Juliet's YouTube channel: It's also embedded below. Please overlook my dark circles and tired eyes ; my interview was at the very end of a busy and exhausting show! And please consider subscribing to Juliet's channel while there - she puts a lot of time and effort into this video series. Thank you!

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Manu posted:

I totally agree with  Juliet Galea, your videos are so soothing to watch! And  so it was this interview. Congrats!

Thanks, it was a fun interview!

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