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We've gotten this question already. And because we suspect a flurry of new content added at site launch, I thought it would be helpful to repeat our "quantity of content" posting guidelines here. You can also find them in our Site FAQ.


Q: Is there a limit to how much content I can post at any one time?
A: We hesitate to confine participation by putting an exact number on the quantity of photos or other things that you can post at one time. After all, the more active everyone is on the site, the richer the learning experience will be. However, please be mindful of what others might be experiencing when you post. If people receive a lot of email notifications from you in rapid succession or see your content dominating the site, they may be less likely to participate themselves and may even tune you out - neither of which is a good thing. If we receive complaints from other members about the quantity of content that any one person is posting, we will, of course, look into it. As a general rule, if you've posted five (5) or more items in a row to a single area on the site, you've probably crossed the line and should wait a bit before continuing to post.


Likewise, if all you see are your cookies in the "Newest Cookies" feed on the home page, then please slow down your posting to allow others' cookies to be seen.

I also urge everyone to check and adjust their email notifications soon after joining the site. Again, because we expect a lot of activity - especially at launch - we don't want anyone to feel as if they're being deluged with email notifications from Cookie Connection. The amount of email you receive is completely within your control! You can find more information about how to adjust these settings here.



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