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I have been an artist "since I could pick up a crayon" and that has carried over into creating cookies - mainly "drooling" over everyone else's creations . . . but occasionally I do create them for a special event or Christmas.

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Recently I made cookies for my daughter's First Child's Baby Shower and was fairly happy with the results though I struggled with a couple of things- and learned through the process. I should not have tried to pipe the wheels/handles, etc. prior to flooding. I then had to go back over them and they didn't turn out round. The dots were not the same size either... but I did like most of my royal icing transfers- flowers & leaves and the "watercolor effect" flowers.


Practice, practice, practice.


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Hi again, @Ms. HK! It's me for real this time (that last post was automated)! Welcome to the site; I hope you enjoy it. Your cookies look great! FYI: To share photos so that they register in our home page photo feeds, you need to post them to the "Clips" section. But please read our Site Posting Guidelines (link on "Clips" main page under "Please Read Before Posting" graphic) before doing so.

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