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Great. I use Vista Print(click for link) return address labels. You can customize them with your logo or their own designs or whatever you want it to say. It may take a little to get the hang of customizing, but it's really cheap and they have lots of sales and coupon code offers. (Actually I believe they have a sale running currently).

I don't know if you create cookies for weddings etc..., but for example given a few weeks notice you can have them printed with the couples name to customize labels for wedding cookies.

If your logo is small you can even print it twice on the label and cut it in half saving even more $. Of course you can also just print them as regular return address labels. 


I hope this helps, Susan

Let’s bake some memories!

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Hi There! I'm a bit late to the game here, but I've been researching packaging and came upon your question. I'm with Laegwen regarding toppers...I think they are a pain and take away from the "artisan" quality of the cookies. I'm just starting my business and am trying to find the cheapest way to do everything! If you buy Avery blank labels, you can go to their website or They have a FANTASTIC template program for every printable you can think of. I added my logo and text to the first sticker. Once you save it, you can apply it to ANY template. I've made my business cards, all sorts of stickers...and heavy weight thank you notes. Good luck

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