I am wondering how many of the over 800 members frequently check in and actually look at new cookies as they are being posted and take the time to like them or comment on them, at least the ones that appeal to their taste? (There are over 1350 beautiful photos to look over.) I noticed on some cookies that had over 1000 viewers and 11 likes or 5 likes and a few comments. Is that because the other 989 didn't think it was worth a like? I'm really puzzled. There is some great stuff being posted and at the very least I am liking probably half of it and commenting on alot. I can't help myself. There is some awesome work here, how not to tell someone how I admire them or  tell them their work is lovely? Share the love!

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Hi Tina.  My name is Pat and I'm Cookie Occasions.  I have been looking at 100's of cookies every day. I always try to leave a positive, encouraging message even to some whose work isn't quite there yet, but you know it soon will be.  Love this site for the opportunity of being able to do this.  I have a passion for cookie decorating. What can I say!  We all do or we wouldn't be here

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Hi Tina. You will get some photos, but when I decorated cookies it wasn't as popular to take pictures of them as now. This is a new craze among bakers. The other problem is I'm sight impaired and though I still have some sight especially for cookies, I will eventually lose it for the computer.  So at the moment, and I do believe in capturing the moment, I'm looking at all your cookies.

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Hi ladies! I've been looking at your comments since this website started and I really appreciate all of them.  Thank you for taking time to do so.  I'm trying to visit the website on my spare time to like all the great cookies around but haven't had the time to comment on many of them. 


I apologize in advance if there's a grammar mistake in this post since English is not my native language.


Thank you again for all your encouragement!!!

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In my circumstance, I think it's more of a time issue. Because there's so much new information here, along with so many pictures being posted, it's very difficult to browse for an extended amount of time. This is a busy time for a lot of us and trying to comment on every picture that I like really isn't realistic. I've had to stop about 10 times in writing this post to go back to my "real" job! There's so many beautiful cookies/designs and awesome information I can't wait to block off a whole afternoon just to sit back and be in awe

Tania you are right! And we agree with Jill. Many of us can't spend all the time we want going through all the beautiful pictures posted in the site. In our case,we try to stop by a couple of times a day minimum and comment a bit of what we see in different sets. we really enjoy discovering the work of new (for us ) talented cookie makers and learning as we go. And Tina, take good care of that sight, please! 

My sight is excellent so far, Pat's having the difficulties.

I check the page every few hours. look at the new cookies posted and if I think it warrants a like, which most of them do, I like it. It's a click!!!  I don't have the time to comment on every photo either, but when something REALLY WOW's me, I have to stop and say something. When people,especially the caliber of some of you, make a nice comment on my photos it so lifted me,you can not imagine, A kind word goes so far. And Pat, I agree that no unkind remark should ever be tolerated from anyone here. There is enough unhappiness in our lives. Julia has created a home for us here. There is no place like it!

Again my only point was when 1000 people take the time to click on a photo to open it and look at it,a photo that they thought interesting enough to click on in the first place; why does that photo only have a handful of likes? The "like" is only one more click. And I say- Share the love!

I should add that negative remarks are absolutely not tolerated here. Says so in the Terms of Use! Constructive remarks, especially if solicited, are fine, but unwarranted, unconstructive commentary is not. The intent of this community is to support others when you feel the urge (though there's no expectation that everyone will comment or like anything) and to collectively learn and grow.

I have an obsession for leaving comments! It means so much to me when I receive a comment, so I naturally assume that it means something to others when they receive one, too. I like to leave comments specific to the design, but sometimes I'm short on time and just post the first word that pops into my head when I look at the cookie. I'd LOVE some ideas for new adjectives, as I tend to use the same ones too often, so don't hesitate to drop me a line. 

Originally Posted by cookie occasions:

One last comment on what we see. We all started somewhere. If you see a cookie you don't like, try to refrain from a negative comment; that cookie artist could be a cookie Picasso one day. 

LOVE this! It reminds me of a quote I once read that went something like this: "Every great master was once an amateur."


My best to you on your sight. I hope you are granted many more years before you lose it. How awful for you! I'm even more amazed now at all your wonderful comments on eveyone's cookies. I, for one, am VERY appreciative of all you do!

When I compliment someones cookie, I mean it. Sometimes I do both but if I leave a nice comment - it's the same as a "like". 

Some people really do like everything. I like "Thumper's Motto". 

People will strive to improve as we all share. Looking at cookies better than mine makes me determined to put out better cookies.

You are always going to be "one upped" by someone. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". 

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I like most of the cookies here. What is there not to like? What a group of talented decorators. When I just can't hold back because something is really extraordinary then I comment because I want to reinforce my awe at the piece.
I realized the other day that when I enlarged a photo to take a closer look and then liked it and then went back to continue looking at the next sets my like was erased. I mentioned it in a post yesterday. Maybe this is why a photo with thousands of views has 10 or 20 likes. 
Have a good day !!!!
Originally Posted by cookie occasions:

When I Love a cookie and think its incredible I usually leave a comment.

Always positive.  If I only press like.  Yes I like it but I don't love it.  As I said above I believe this site is to see people grow with confidence of their work and our comments can help.

I love getting all the wonderful comments too! I think for the people that might leave a comment but not give a like... (and this is just laziness I guess) The like button is nowhere near the comment button. I try to like something when I comment on it, but I think there might have been occasions where I just forgot because it wasn't near the post button. Once again, I get lazy. There are so many wonderful cookies to look at and not enough time in the day to like/comment on them all! I'll try my best to keep my comments coming!

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