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Hi, all! As I mentioned in this week's post about our latest site upgrade, you are now able to integrate your LinkedIn account (if you have one) into your Cookie Connection member profile. Once you've gone through some very simple integration steps, you will (1) be able to log into this site from LinkedIn and (2) a LinkedIn icon/quick link will appear at the top of your profile, allowing members to easily jump on over to LinkedIn and also follow you there. However, due to limitations on the LinkedIn side of things, you will not be able to feed content from LinkedIn into your Cookie Connection member profile, as you can already do with YouTube, Pinterest, and many other social sites.

To integrate your LinkedIn profile, simply follow these steps:

1. Log into Cookie Connection.

2. Click on your avatar/member profile button in the upper right of the site (which only appears if you are logged in).

3. Once you do Step 2, a dropdown menu will reveal. Select "Social Networks" to bring up your personal "Social Networks" page, which shows which social media sites are available for integration (almost all of them, really!) and whether you've integrated them. 

4. Scan down this page until you find the LinkedIn area, and select the blue link near the top of that area to enable LinkedIn integration.

5. Then, check the boxes for the features you would like to "authorize" in this integration. As noted above, you have two options: (1) "Sign In" to allow you to sign into the site using your LinkedIn credentials or (2) "Add Link To This Account On Your Profile" to add the quick link at the top of your profile. I've checked both on my "Social Networks" page as you can see below:

Enabled LinkedIn

As a result, I can now log into the site just by clicking on the LinkedIn button that appears to the right on my sign-in page:

Sign in Page LinkedIn

And, a LinkedIn quick link (blue icon) appears at the top of my member profile, along with eight (!) other social media links, just under my community rank:

My Profile with LinkedIn button

I hope you enjoy this new feature! To integrate any other social site, just follow these same steps. However, in some cases, you will also be given the option to "Add Social Feed to Your Profile", which provides a direct feed of your content from these other sites into your member profile. For more information about that set-up process, please visit this recent post.

Again, enjoy!


Images (3)
  • Enabled LinkedIn Area on Social Networks Page: Screen Shot from Cookie Connection
  • Sign in Page with LinkedIn Icon: Screen Shot from Cookie Connection
  • Julia's Member Profile with LinkedIn Button: Screen Shot from Cookie Connection
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pip posted:

@Julia M. Usher

You've the most generous spirt.



Thanks, though my site tech team did most of the work to get this feature working for us. I can't claim very much credit.

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