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I have a question: I will be using two colors for my cookies. One is red, and the other is green. How do I get the red to be a deep red without it tasting bitter, and what is the best way to make the green a deep green? Thanks, Felicia

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Great question. Personally, I've never had an issue with mixing deep red or green colors. I use Chefmaster liqua-gel colors, and they are very intense. What type and brand of coloring are you using? Perhaps that's the issue?

All reds taste bitter to me. My main taste-testers, i.e. husband and daughter, never get bitter notes and don't know what I'm talking about. I also use Chefmaster. The red I tend to use by itself, whereas green I might add a hint of black. Wilton makes a 'Juniper Green' that comes out very deep. Lastly, check out this chart by The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle:

Good luck!

Try dying them in advance. I’m always surprised how much the colors deepen with time. I hate the taste of black so I always dye my icing the day before (to a dark gray). After 24 hours, it’s always deep black (with way less dye than I would have used).

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