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Stephanie's Class

Hi, all! I wanted to alert you to a new Craftsy class by @Stephanie Kappel of Hungry Hippopotamus. I haven't viewed her class yet, but it seems to cover - in great detail - writing with royal icing (every cookie decorator's nemesis), along with many other things! I've also seen her work in person, and it is stunning, so I imagine her classwork in this course is no less.

I encourage you to check out Stephanie's new class via this link, or via any of the links you see in the righthand sidebars of this site.

Full disclaimer: Cookie Connection gets a small referral fee for everyone who clicks through (and/or purchases) via a Craftsy link on this site. These fees go to paying our site hosting fees and to keeping Cookie Connection a free service to members. They also generate sales for Stephanie, and any other cookie decorators to whom we direct, so it's win-win for all!

Again, please check out the new course here! I hope you enjoy it.


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I have taken this online class with Stephanie and found it to be very helpful!! She gets back to the basics of decorating which I can so easily wander away from using when knee deep into a project or an order.

The class does speak to the challenge of writing on cookies and how to simplify the process (at least for me as this is indeed my greatest cookie decorating challenge!!!).  I will go to great lengths to avoid personalizing cookies with names because my results are still so amateurish no matter how much I practice .

I strongly encourage cookiers of every level to sign up for this class. Some areas seem to be too rudimentary  for people who've been decorating cookies for quite awhile. But, a refresher course is always helpful .

Happy Decorating!


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