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Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to have found this wonderful website! The cookies are amazing and it's hard not to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the exquisite artwork in the photos. I wonder if I'll ever develop the same perfection techniques, but it's worth trying to reach that level. As you can see, I still struggle with getting my royal icing to be smooth. I love decorating cookies and learning new methods and practices to improve my skills at cookie art. I've enjoyed watching Julia's videos and I'm very glad to be a member of this talented group!  Marie 

Surfboard CookiesPalm Tree cookiesPAW PatrolMinnie Mouse


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  • Surfboard Cookies
  • Palm Tree cookies
  • PAW Patrol
  • Minnie Mouse
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@Marie O posted:

Thanks so much, Julia!  You have the most amazing website!  I'm sure I'll be visiting it daily!

Thanks! This site is one of two sites that I have - my personal one is under re-development and will be re-launched in early July. That's where I post about all of my personal work, classes, and tutorials; Cookie Connection is my community-based site where much of the content is created by members.

Also, if you want to post photos for viewing in this site's home page galleries, they should get posted to the "Clips" section (rather than this "Forums" section). Also, we do not allow the posting of copyrighted characters, like the Disney ones you posted above, due to copyright laws. So please only post original designs here going forward.

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