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Hi, all. Many of you are seasoned decorators with a ton of knowledge that the cookie world should know. To encourage more cross-fertilization of your ideas and general knowledge-sharing, I made a couple of adjustments/additions to the site today. 


1. First, I expanded the previous Templates clip set to allow for the addition of short photo tips. The definition of this set now reads:


NOTE: This is a NOT a typical decorated cookie category! Instead, it's a place to upload images that display decorating tips or techniques, or documents that include templates (i.e., sketches or patterns) for custom cookie shapes or projects.


You can add photos, videos, or documents to this clip set in the usual dropdown list that appears when uploading images. 


2. I also added a Technique Tips forum, dedicated to the sharing of more involved tips. If the tip is a little longer and more complicated than a simple photo with a link and quick explanation, then this would be the place to elaborate. You can access this set under the broader Technique Troubleshooting forum, here, but here also is the direct link:


Right now, both clip set and forum are empty so I'm eager to see some content additions, chock-a-block full with clever tips!

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Note: Videos are also accepted in this clip set (or any other), BTW - as long as they are your own work, of course. Site rules do not permit the uploading of anyone else's content into the photo/video/file feeds.

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