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I am a newbie to using frosting sheets and basically icing cookies in general, other than with my kids for the holidays, so I have what many might think is a silly question . . . when I decorate cookies with my kids and make “icing”, I have always used a recipe that I found online with confectionary sugar, milk and corn syrup. It ends up shiny and quite thin. I am looking to decorate my cookies and have more of the thick non-shiny look - what I typically see under an icing or frosting sheet or in general when I see the beautiful decorated cookies on this website.

Is there a a different “recipe” or product I should purchase to get that consistency? Thanks and sorry for such a silly newbie question.

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You want to try royal icing.  Search for it and you will find many discussions about what recipe and why.  The biggest decision will be meringue powder or egg whites.  Again there are lengthy discussions.  Icing sheets?  Do you mean edible paper?  First, focus on royal icing before you look at the toys and extras.  Good luck!

Hi, @Julredw17, As Econlady said, you should try "royal icing". The recipe you are using has no egg whites in it, and, thus, is not royal icing, but "confectioner's icing", or what some people call "glaze". It takes longer to dry and doesn't typically set as firm as royal icing; it also spreads more. Depending on the quantity of liquid in the recipe you're using, it can also spread quite a lot and look very sheer, as you seem to be experiencing. I have a royal icing video on my YouTube channel that you might want to check out - in addition to explaining differences between these types of icings, it provides my recipe and talks about substitutions for using raw eggs (such as meringue powder and pasteurized whites) to guard against salmonella. Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much to the both of of you for the info!  I am going to definitely trying "royal icing" and good to know the difference!  I am also going to check out your YouTube video too Julia. 

Thanks again.

You're very welcome! Best of luck with your icing exploration!

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