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Hey guys,

So - I started a channel on YouTube for my cookie decorating videos. It started out as a Facebook live stream in my cookie decorating workspace once or twice per week, but then construction started on our street and it was so damn loud to do live videos, so I started to create edited videos of individual cookie decorating and condensing them down to one minute (so I could share on Instagram) but then I thought . . . why not create a channel on YouTube for them, make them a bit longer, and add a little dialogue?

Anyway, I thought you guys might dig it! And I am always happy to hear any comments, criticism, etc on them . . . especially from other cookie decorators!

I live in a little rural town of 8,000 people and I run into people all the time telling me how addicted they are to "Kookievision" and it's really kept me at it. People here are so excited about it, and that makes me happy. I'm actually really shy and introverted, so it's cool that my cookies can be in the spotlight, but not me. Hahahah . . .

Just look up Kookievision or Sweethart Baking Experiment on YouTube (Hart spelled H-A-R-T like my last name) and let me know what you think.

aka Kookie

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