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I'm very new to the cookie decorating world and I am tying to get my feet wet and decide if I want to start a cookie business. I'm trying to learn a few ticks before I dive in.

I have these cookie cutters that mark the details into the cookies (See attached picture) If I flood the cookie with royal icing I won't be able to see the details to pipe them.

Should I:

  1. Pipe the details then flood the sections in the desired colors OR

  2. Pipe the outline only, flood the cookie with desired colors then press the cookie cuter into the flooded cookie in order to pipe the details?

I'm very new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated.Cookie


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First, I’d definitely recommend decorating cookies for a while (maybe doing mock orders for family and friends) before you start a full-fledged business. It is hard work and easy to lose money and burn out if you don’t have techniques mastered and labor standards in place (time to do cookies of various types).

Regarding this character cookie, also a huge word of caution about selling licensed characters when you haven’t paid for the license to use the art. Disney is a particular stickler for copyright infringement, and has taken out small businesses over it.

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Also, I would outline using the embossed lines as a guide and then flood. You can’t score partially set royal icing without cracking it. You might have to over-pipe some of the small details, especially if you want them raised.

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Hi Julia, Thanks so much for the advice! Greatly appreciated! I love love love your site by the way. It's so user friendly and very eye catching with all the beautiful graphics.

I will defiantly be selling mock orders to my friends and family to see if I enjoy it enough to do it for a business. Good to know that I can't sell the cookies with Disney on them. Glad I posted that picture of the cookie cutter I have. I guess I need to go more generic then with the actual characters.

Thank you again for the advice it was definitely helpful

Hi Sandy,

you can also use the stamped part as a "stamp" with the stamping cutters. I mean, bake the biscuit without an embossing pattern and, after baking, dip the embossed part in cocoa and thus create an outline on the cookie. Then you can start flooding the individual regions. In my experience, embossed cookies are more difficult to flood because everything runs into the grooves. Otherwise, as Julia already says: practice and practice ...
Wish you fun!! @sandys_sweets

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