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Greetings, cookiers!

I have an Antique White food color paste that I really like the color of for a "flesh" tone. It is definitely on the "white" side of fleshtone, but would like to get other people's idea of what makes for a good nondescript color choice where fleshtone is a large percentage of the cookie design (e.g. like a large hand). One reason for my interest has to do with the fact that I cannot seem to find this exact product and the other has to do with making sure I keep my fleshtone color choice(s) nondescript yet not fake looking.


Do you have any preferred current-brand food coloring(s) that work good for nondescript fleshtones, or do you find that you have to make your own?


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  • Cake Craft Antique White Food Coloring
  • Another View: Cake Craft Antique White Food Coloring
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