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Today there are so many kind of displays, if your cookies have sticks, you can build an stick attached to a base with diagonal holes, or a stepped base with vertical holes to hold the cookies.   There are in markets some displays with forms like houses, ramps.  Or you can make it  adapting boxes using a plaque of poliestirene covered with paper according the event or with ribons, the plaque can have holes if your cookies have stick.  Try in google images looking for Cookie display ideas.    Or acrylic boxes.   Here a link for ideas of displays, not all are for cookies, some are for glasses or cones.,


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  • Display1: Box with poliestirene plaque covered in gift paper and ribbons
  • display2: Box covered with ribons
  • display3: acetate box.
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I f you  look at the link, there are many products there not to the point, but continue seeing the other pages, you will see the some like bird houses, stairs, and crosses and all kind of figures.  They are only ideas for you.  Look at your town stores to look at them. I don't know if they sell to other countries.



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I don't sell cookies--YET! (due to lack of a cottage law in my state)--but I am thinking ahead about displays for farmer's markets/events, too. In addition to tabletop displays using Styrofoam rectangles glued together as "steps" and draped with fabric, I was thinking about using a stand-up artist easel or two and designing a light-weight rack to place onto it. I think that foam board with one-inch construction spacer slats glued onto it would hold a bunch of cookies. It would lean back against the easel so gravity would hold the cookies upright without them falling off forward, and stoppers at the end of the slats would hold them in at the sides of the foam boards.


These are simply ideas at this point (except the Styrofoam Steps, which I have used at showers and parties for family and friends.)


You can pretty much get any supplies you need to make these things at AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn's, or most other art supply stores.

OK.  I have done a number of craft fairs, with mixed sucess.  At this time, I feel that most of the craft fairs are for me, anyway, to be seen as marketing to get my name out there as someone who sells cookies.  I, too, referenced Butterwinks display when creating my own.  I am currently adding some ribbon to the display to "dress it up", But it did get the cookies off the table and up where people would see them.  




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  • P1050344: At local (victorian Days) craft show
  • P1050341: The display board... With teapot/cup cookies for victorian days theme
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