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Yes, finally! The course is called Julia’s Airbrushing-Stenciling Intensive, and today I’m releasing the first of four parts, Airbrush System and Handling Fundamentals! What’s more, to celebrate its launch, I’m offering Part 1 at a 15% discount for a limited time!

LEARN MORE AND VIEW MY SNEAK PEEK VIDEO. (And use CODE ASI15 at checkout to nab those 15% launch savings!)



After the surprising success of my shortAdvance Your AirbrushingZoom class in early 2024, I decided it was high time to expand and extend those lessons to everyone - and, thus, this course was born! It’s been nearly four months in the making (thanks to a super busy spring teaching schedule), so – needless to say – I’m very keen to tie up the loose ends and start sharing it with you!

Part 1 (today’s release) lays the technical foundation needed to expertly control your airbrush system to ensure beautiful, professional-looking cookies every time. While you may not think you need to know your compressor's operating pressure or the difference between single- and dual-action airbrushes, I will convince you that you do! Getting tech-savvy in Part 1 means more sensational cookies in Parts 2 to 4! In the nearly two-hour Part 1 video, I address four key topics (again, click the link above to read more), but perhaps my favorite part is troubleshooting, where I divulge my best-kept secrets for achieving speckle-free spray and avoiding the classic headaches of underspray, overspray, pooling, and poor color commingling (aka yicky color blending)!

Parts 2 to 4 will follow later in July and August, so, until then, I leave you to explore Part 1. If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me or leave a comment below. Enjoy!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, THANK YOU to my ace video team, Two5:7North, for coming on this journey with me! We still have miles (of footage) to traverse, but we are getting close!


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  • Course Part 1 Special Launch Sale: Cookies and Photos by Julia M Usher; Graphic Design by Elizabeth Cox and Julia M Usher
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