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Hi there, just wondering if this is a common problem or if there  is something I'm not doing right. Tonight as I was airbrushing and my "normal" colours were working fine, but when I switched up to the pearl / sheen colors they started to splatter.  I cleaned my airbrush fully, tried again and the same problem. Yet the plain colours were still ok? I am using the Americolor pearl/sheen airbrush colours. Is this a common issue seeing that these colours have the metallic/pearl suspended in them? Very frustrated as I have wasted a batch of cookies, any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

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I have used Chefmaster Red metalic and gold metalic.  I shake it hard until all is well mixed.  I only need to  open my arographer a Little more or it will be blocked.  In my particular experience this gold metalic looks like yellow in light colors and gold in dark colors.     I use Duff gold and Pearl aerographer paint for hand paint because I find it to thick for the aerographer.  My red Saint Valentin cookie was Red metalic airbrushed.   The metalic color shined more when I covered it with corn syrup and I only used a few glitters dusted for more shine.  I'm using Duff aerographer.

I have had that issue in the past with pearled airbrush colors (AmeriColor).  I read somewhere to thin it out with some alcohol (vodka) so it didn't clog the tip and to clean after using by running vodka through the airbrush.  I did that with my Valentine cookies and it worked very well.  I just put some vodka in a small squeeze bottle and kept it beside me. I would use approximately drop for drop - maybe two of vodka per 1 of color because the color drops were bigger I noticed.  I also made sure I shook the heck out the bottle of color - the metallic seem to separate even just sitting there a few minutes.  I put it on low and did two or three thin passes to get the level of color I was seeking.  I don't have a lot of airbrush experience, but I do like the pearlized colors!

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