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seeking some advice on how to take professional looking pictures of my cookies. Many have the business name on the photo. if anyone can share how this is done, would be much appreciated.



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My photos are often not very professional looking!  So, I don't have advice there.  I do, however, put my blog name on my photos most of the time and use a free downloadable software for editing color, brightness, cropping, etc.  I use that software to add the text to the photo.  It is called PhotoScape.  It's free and that was important at the time!  Now I'm just used to it and resist change.

Hi, I don't watermark my photos, but I do use Photoshop to overlay text on other images all the time - same process. There is some learning curve to Photoshop, but it's pretty powerful photo editing software and worth getting to know, I think.

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