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I am looking at selling my art cookies online and was wondering if there is a different way of presentation packaging a cookie aside from a box as I cant for the life of me find boxes in the correct sizing, they are either too small or too narrow or too high. I want it to look nice but want something better that just a cellophane bag. These sizes will be 6" 8" and 12" square or rectangle /at the biggest. Just not sure what direction to go in. I'm in Australia just in case anyone was thinking im in the USA  

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Depending on how many boxes you think you will need - there is always the option to get custom made ones and import them (e.g. from China). But this is only worth the effort if you order large quantities. Maybe even a local cardboard/box retailer/producer would be willing to produce fitting ones for you. But this also would mean larger quantities.


On the other hand, I don't know if this might not impact the price too strongly. Cellophane bags are very cheap, art cookies are very time consuming in the making. You will already probably work for a very, very low hourly wage. I doubt that you will get a considerably better price if you sell them in what kind of boxes ever. So in the end you will only further decrease your wage, I fear.


But maybe I am wrong, and you are so fast that you can even sell your extraordinarily beautiful cookies at a price that people will still be willing to pay - even with additional boxes

Yes, check out BRP Box Shop. They have some fairly large boxes at the end of this list (, and Kip, Ann and those who work there are all wonderful. They ship internationally, and will give you a quote on the shipping before your order gets placed: 

Thanks ladies! I had a look at BRP and they look great, just what I was looking for. I think I will start small with selling and cellophane bag and pretty ribbon with tissue paper for packing. If all goes well with selling I will get the boxes knowing I will use a lot of them. Saves me being left with a load of them if this doesn't take off

I'm not sure what you have available to you at your location. But if you can't get boxes readily, try a clear platter at a dollar type store and cover in saran wrap or a large bag and then with ribbon.

Or you can made them using dies. There are many brands that have box dies.  You need a machine for that dies. Other is a digital cutting mashine ( I have not luck with them) but I know people very happy with the digital.  I love the non digital with dies.



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