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That depends on what you consider a small batch

I personally find it almost impossible to whisk less than 250gr of confectioners sugar, not even with a hand-held device. You need a certain amount of material. So this is what I would recommend:

250gr confectioners sugar

15gr of dried egg whites or meringue powder

35-40ml of water, depending on air humidity

Beat for about 5-7 minutes on high speed with hand-held device

That gives a medium consistency icing. If you want to pipe flowers or the like, you need less water, for flooding more.

LouLousGrooming posted:

Hi, I hope I have the right forum for my question. I am new to royal icing. I am not ready to work on cookies but I would like to make a small batch of royal icing to work on piping practise sheets. So my question is does anyone have a recipe for making small batches of royal icing? Thanks in advance for helping with my newbie questions

You're in the right place! I've got a recipe on my site that uses one standard 2 pound bag of powdered sugar, which I find I can go through very quickly. Link here:

Thank you both for you quick replies. I love this site. I am learning so much here and the sense of community is great. I've only asked a couple of questions but always receive timely and helpful replies.

Julie thanks for taking the time to respond. I love your videos and you were the one who inspired me to start down this path of cookie artistry! I hope one day my photos might be featured .

Thanks again Laegwen and Julie. 

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loulou   welcome to the site        i've been making small batches of royal icing

generally it is made with 16 oz pkgs of confection sugar    some refer to it as icing sugar       i weigh out 8oz confec sugar    add 1 T and 1/2 T     i do not pour in all at once i use warm water and add T by T    usually 2 Ts    then I just drip in droplets until it gets to hard consistency    where you lift the beater and doesn't drop off       i do not beat on high speed      maybe set on 3 or 4   (kitchenaid I'd have to look see what it is on Cuisnart)              for other consistencies i put some aside and add water little by little   stirring each time by hand        hope this helps          this doesn't make a lot but the amount you do get suffices just for practicing    and actually for decorating      you don't want to have too much icing where you don't use it        i try not to have a lot so that i don't always have to re-work it                         hopefully american measurements suffices        sometimes    i'll   also weigh by grams          to me grams are more accurate     shrugs  


I can make RI with raw eggs, pasteurized eggs and have made a pound batch of RI - I didn't feel like doing conversions, lol (I'm a-roar with laughter!).  I make the Wilton recipe.  I just halve to 8 ounces confectioner sugar, 1.5 T MP; this recipe calls for 6 T (I think) water but if using a stand mixer use only 5 T water.  No matter which I use I do not add/pour in the water; I add it T by T (about 3 T) then I add droplets until I see it coming together and to which I think is a good consistency.  

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